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By Harry G. Shaffer

ISBN-10: 0275965783

ISBN-13: 9780275965785

ISBN-10: 0275966585

ISBN-13: 9780275966584

This e-book is an excellent advent to capitalism for the lay reader. Shaffer's kind is very readable, funny and nentertaining. He covers a wide diversity of issues, elevating provocative questions about how concerned govt could be in such things as wellbeing and fitness care and schooling.

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Why is it that periodically, in capitalist societies, relatively good times are followed by periods of massive unemployment where large numbers of people find themselves in desperate economic straits? The answer is 22 American Capitalism and the Changing Role of Government to be found primarily in the economic system itself and in the apparently inevitable maldistribution of wealth and income it engenders. Capitalists (by which we mean, here, the owners of the means of production), obviously, will hire workers and operate their enterprises only if they can make a profit out of their employees’ labor.

Most are potentially normal children,’’ Dr. ’’ But the budget for subsidized housing was cut drastically during the 1980s, and new cuts seem to be in the offing now. ’’ Unfortunately, the Reagan-Bush years, and more even, the years of the mid- and late 1990s Republican Congress, have been defined by all-out efforts to dismantle gradually the economic, social, education, and health safety nets so carefully woven during the preceding 50 years. The detrimental effects of our ever-worsening income inequality have not been felt only by the poor, the unemployed, the welfare recipients.

No indeed, there was no lack of physical and technical ability to produce the goods our people needed; there was nothing wrong with our productive capacity. Whatever had gone wrong was in the area of distribution. Somehow our economic system failed to put into the hands of the American people the purchasing power they needed to buy the goods they had produced at a price that would enable the producers to stay in business. And so, when the price of cotton fell, as indeed it did fall, from a dollar a pound to below a nickel a pound, it didn’t pay for the cotton growers in the South to have the cotton picked and ginned and shipped to the North since the price it would fetch wouldn’t even pay for the transportation costs from Alabama or Texas to New York.

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American Capitalism and the Changing Role of Government by Harry G. Shaffer

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