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As () takes values in the intervals 2nl3 ~ () ~ nand 4nl3 ~ () ~ 5n13, two further identical loops are produced symmetrical about the half-lines () = 5nl6 and () = 3nl2 respectively. The curve, a rose-curve called a rhodonea, is shown in Fig. 3(c). The directions of the tangents to the curve at the pole 0 are given by sin 3() = O. The tangents are the half-lines () = 0, () = n13, () = 2n13, () = n, () = 4nl3 and () = 5n13. The points on the curve at which tangents parallel to the initial line occur are determined by finding the values of () for which r sin (), that is 40 sin 30 sin 0, has stationary values.

I tan x - 4 sin x has a minimum value -3 J3j2 in the interval 0 ~ x ~ nj2 . Sketch the graph of f for this interval. Verify graphically that the equation 8 - 1 = sin 8 has a root lying between 1·90 and 1·95. Prove that, in the interval 0 ~ x ~ 4n, the graph of the function f defined by f : x ...... x - sin x has five points of inflexion. Sketch the graph of f for this interval. Curve sketching 7 Sketch, for -1t ~ X ~ 1t, the curves given by the equations (a) y = 3 sin x + 4 cos x, (b) y = 3sinx - 4 cos x, (c) Y = 9 sin?

The properties of logarithms are developed in books on algebra. The most important are listed here: If a" = N, then x = log, N, log, M + log, N = log, (MN), log, M - log, N = log, (MjN), log, (M k ) = k log, M, loga M = log, Mj(Iogb a). for all e, e'[x">« +ooande-xxd-+O, (ii) When x -+ + 00, for tX > 0, (In x)jx d -+ 0, (iii) When x -+ +0, for a > 0, x d In x -+ 0. Example 5 Sketch the curve given by y = loglo x . ln x, the graph of y similar to that of In x, with scale factor log, 0 e. Example 6 Sketch the curve given by y = In x k , where (a) k is an odd positive integer, (b) k is an even positive integer.

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