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By Titus Burckhardt

Religious attainment has usually been defined as a change wherein a human's leaden, boring nature is back to its golden nation. This splendidly insightful quantity introduces many of the metaphors worthy for developing attitudes required for the soul's development: belief, self assurance, wish, and detachment. it's a reminder that once any substance or entity undergoes dissolution, it needs to finally be resolved or re-crystalized in a brand new, almost certainly larger and extra noble form.

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Does this not mean that kindredness has to do with the same blood, not dis-similar blood? ” Could these tales not also conceal facts about laboratories, evil wizards, hybridization, and genetic manipulation? Not all the returning natives freed from Atlantis found it easy to gain access to their kingdoms or lands or to take control in their enslaved provinces. During the reign of the alien tyrants, the morale of the enslaved was reduced, while superstition and suspicion were rampant. When it was learned that usurpation had occurred on Atlantis, ruling despots feared for themselves and for their exposure and expulsion.

The high king of the Gaels, Nuada himself, had to step down as leader after his arm was severed in the titanic war with the Formorian hybrids. ” The astonishing account of this limb’s “magical” replacement clearly bespoke some form of advanced cybernetics. ) The Greeks and Teutons, as so many others, also have records of hybrid beings that had the countenance of either great beauty or ugliness. ) 42 Atlantis, Alien Visitation, and Genetic Manipulation The World Falls Dead The Hindu Srimad Bhagavatam tells of a demon race which invaded the three planetary systems.

They also speak specifically of Ragnarok, the war between the gods: The head of Mimir (fountain of all wisdom), counsels Odin to meet on the field of Vigrid, and to wage there such a war that the power of evil would be destroyed forever, even though his own world would be destroyed with them. Now death is the portion of doomed men, Red with blood the buildings of gods, The sun turns black in the summer after, Winds whine…. In northern Sweden, the Laplanders preserve their accounts. Their ancient books say: I shall reverse the world.

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