Keith Weiskamp's Advanced Turbo C Programming PDF

By Keith Weiskamp

ISBN-10: 0127426892

ISBN-13: 9780127426891

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Note that two of the fields of this structure, name and product, are pointers. If data is assigned to these fields, memory must also be allocated to store the data. To illustrate this r Heap < *name 2 bytes age 2 bytes no "product 2 bytes \ 2 bytes v. 4. Allocating memory for a structure in the heap point, let's write a function, makecust, to create a structure and store data in the structure. 59 1 · The World of Turbo C struct cust * makecust (char *cname, char *cprod, int cage, int cno) { struct cust *ptrcust; ptrcust = (struct cust *) malloc (sizeof (struct cust) ) ; if (ptrcust == NULL) return NULL; /* create storage for name */ if ( (ptrcust->name = malloc (strlen (cname) ) ) == NULL) return NULL; /* create storage for product */ if ( (ptrcust->product = malloc (strlen (cprod) ) ) = NULL) return NULL; strcpy (ptrcust->name, cname) ; strcpy (ptrcust->product, cprod) ; ptrcust->age = cage; ptrcust->no = cno; return ptrcust ; Here the arguments cname, cprod, cage, and cno, contain the data we wish to store in the structure.

To store a string of ten characters, we'll first need to allocate memory with malloc: buf = malloc(11); In this case, we need an extra storage location to hold the null character NO.

Here we'll explore techniques to help you write programs that use command line arguments. We'll also discuss methods for improving the interfaces for the programs that we write. Finally, we'll present some helpful tips for working with memory allocation and pointers. The C Preprocessor The Turbo C preprocessor is a powerful tool that can greatly enhance our C programs. Essentially, the preprocessor serves as a front end to the Turbo C compiler and translates special macro instructions into C code.

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