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By Theodore H Fleming

ISBN-10: 0520236068

ISBN-13: 9780520236066

I am interpreting this for my Biology classification and i've to assert that it's an relaxing learn in comparison to the numerous textbooks and different books i need to learn this semester. the writer quite brings you into his global of a biologist and does not get too technical whereas doing it. certainly might suggest.

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Some birds, such as the oropendolas, called linguas (tongues) in Panama, made sounds I had never heard before. The mournful whistles of tinamous were common in the late afternoon. The strangest sounds, however, came from manakins, small fruit-eating birds that feed in the forest understory. The first time I heard the loud cr-r-r-r-r-ack followed by intermittent short cracks produced by the wings of males, I could not guess what was making that sound. I finally discovered that male manakins produce these sounds before flying rapidly just above the ground between small trees that served as their display perches.

Especially common in banana plantations were pygmy 22 / Chapter 1 fruit-eating bats, Heller’s broad-nosed bats, orange nectar bats, and pale spear-nosed bats. The dusty covering of pollen on the fur of the latter three species indicated they were frequent visitors to banana flowers. We did not capture Jamaican fruit-eating bats in the banana fields but frequently netted them in people’s yards around fruiting plants. We caught few free-tailed bats in our nets but discovered that four species were living under the corrugated tin roofs of the buildings around us.

With machetes we chopped narrow trails through a wall of greenery for our grid lines. Vines were everywhere, and I quickly discovered that some of them were armed with stout spines capable of penetrating the soles of my rubber boots as well as my scalp. I still bear the tip of one of those spines in my skull. It took us nearly a week to complete the Rodman grid. Then we repeated the process at Fort Sherman. Fortunately, the understory there was much more open, and the grid went in quickly. 30 / Chapter 2 In addition to putting in the trapping grids, Juni and I had to find permanent living accommodations.

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