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It seems that the old couple were as good as their word and young David was never visited by them again: Years after moving from the house, we got onto the subject of our time at the Lodge. David told me once again about what he had seen and heard but Jenny was strangely quiet and anxious.

Today, Everton FC are discussing plans to move out of Liverpool to new stadium in Kirkby (north of city, in the metropolitan borough of Knowlsey), at some point in the near future. Liverpool FC also plans to relocate, but in their case the move may take them into the park itself. Stanley Park Stadium, as the new ground will be called, is expected to open its doors to the public in 2010 with a proposed all-seated capacity of around 60,000. However, the prospect of Liverpool’s new ground being built upon park land is by no means welcomed by all; Anfield Regeneration Action Committee (ARAC) is a local residential group who are very much opposed to the idea.

Meanwhile, Paul McCartney lived a short distance up the road in Allerton, close to Quarry Bank grammar school – now Calderstones School – after which the pre-Beatles skiffle group The Quarry Men where named. A few miles south of Woolton is Speke where a young George Harrison would have once caught his morning bus up to Dovedale school, just off the now world-famous Penny Lane. 26km) from Harrison’s home, just south of the city centre, the ancient district of Toxteth (see ‘Terror in Toxteth’, page 44) was home for many years to a drummer by the name of Richard Starkey, more commonly known today as Ringo Starr.

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